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November 19, 2009

How to manage an unruly email inbox

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How to manage an unruly email inbox

Unless you are genuinely dedicated to helping financially-strapped Nigerian royalty, or hording Canadian Viagra, chances are you have to sift through a lot of useless email in a day. Heck, even the non-SPAM from people you know and love can get a little overwhelming at times.


Here are some simple tips for managing your email inbox!


1. Delete the junk first. Each day, make a couple of sweeps through your inbox and remove all the spam. This will provide a clearer picture of actually needs your attention.


2. Separate by priority level. If you’ve got some pressing emails that need responses, put them in an URGENT subfolder and get on them right away. For important, but less urgent items (such as those from family and friends), set aside a folder to put them in, and reserve a time each day to review them.


3. If something only requires a quick response, do it! If you are performing step 2 (above) and you identify an email that only needs a two-word reply, just get ‘er done! It’s one less thing to worry about. Never let the simple ones linger.


4. Don’t save everything! For business, it is important to create a well-organized structure of sub-folders and keep a virtual paper-trail for as long as possible. But pet photography forwarded by your great aunt in Wisconsin? Not so much. Commit to regular clean sweeps of non-essential (but non-SPAM) emails.


5. Stop signing up for stuff! Really, do you need the monthly subscription to the Gold and Silver Futures Trading Investment Tip Email Newsletter? Check out everything you’re getting on a regular basis, and then “UNSUBSCRIBE” liberally!


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November 18, 2009

A brief history of the cubicle

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Maligned by office workers everywhere, referred to by many as the “three walled prison”, the cubicle is not considered a favorite destination for any adult who has to find a way to pay the rent. But perhaps a little insight into great moments in cubicle history will help us see this faux-office in a different, more positive light…well, maybe not, but here’s the information anyway.

• The cubicle is to have made its first appearance in the offices of chipmaker Intel Corp during the 1960’s.

• Robert Propst designed the first office cube, while working for Herman Miller. “We need to stuff more people into these buildings”, Miller was thought to yell out one day during an adverse reaction to his medication.

• Author Douglas Coupland once famously referred to office cubicles as “veal fattening pens”.

• There is a punk rock band in Los Angeles called Cubicle that plays songs about office life.

• The term “cube farm” refers to offices that grow quickly and therefore need to be loaded to the max with cubicles.

• Research has shown that people who decorate their cubicles with cat photos are scorned by their co-workers at lunch with a 152% greater frequency than those without cat photos.

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How to set the best goals for you and your team

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Goals drive your staff. And how well they achieve these goals is the difference between whether you end up in the profit or loss column. Here are some proven-successful tips for setting goals that motivate employees and help improve the bottom line!

Make sure the goals are measurable. Never be vague about what is expected of people.

Make sure the goals are attainable. Goals that are too ambitious can destroy worker confidence.

Make sure the goals are challenging. You don’t want to set the bar so low that nobody feels motivated.

Make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities.

Set teams goals AND individual goals. A seamless combination of both helps the team run at its best, and workers stay fulfilled.

Stay flexible. Don’t be rigid about the goals you set. If the business climate dictates change, the make changes to your goal structure accordingly!

Be supportive. And last but not least, support your team as they work towards their goals. Let them know how they are doing along the way, and not just at their review every year.

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Getting out of the office…without the guilt!

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If you think you’re improving your lot in life by working 60-plus hours a week without pause, you are sadly mistaken. This type of behavior is a quick ticket to career burnout. The individuals who make it to the corner office are the ones who realize the importance of striking a balance, and taking time off to recharge their batteries. These are the folks who return reinvigorated and refreshed…and more productive than ever.

Here are four simple things to keep in mind with regards to your next work holiday:

A working vacation is just not possible. This is a serious contradiction in terms. If you’re going to spend time outside the office, devote it to YOU and your family…and leave your laptop at home!

Taking time off is an opportunity to test your delegation skills. You’ve been trying to get more off your plate all year – and a vacation is the perfect time to bite the bullet and put key responsibilities in the hands of your capable staff.

Plan way ahead. Try and book your vacation as FAR in advance as possible. This will allow you to get all your ducks in a row at work, and have fewer excuses for NOT going when the time comes.

Go during off-peak season. Your vacation time is valuable. And you want to get the most out of it. So it makes sense to book during off-season. Your destination should be less crowded, and you’ll be able to get more for your money because it will cost less.

So what are you waiting for? Get online and book that MUCH NEEDED vacation today!

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Tips for avoiding interruptions in the office

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One of the biggest time-stealers in the office setting is the interruption. A productivity killer, unwanted interruptions keep works from achieving peak performance…and are just generally annoying.

Here are some sure-fire tips to help you avoid interruptions from well meaning, and not-so-well-meaning coworkers:

Move your chair so that it can’t be seen from the door. This will cut down on the “Hi, How are you?” interruptions that can really bog down your day.

Use body language to convey that you are busy. Turn only part of your body towards the individual who is speaking to you to communicate that you are preoccupied.

Create a road block. Place a chair, desk or other object between you and your door. Crazy, but it works!

Screen your calls. Have the operator or your secretary take all yours while you are focused on a big project.

Place your computer monitor right in front of your face. By not offering up visual cues, fewer people will feel comfortable starting up a conversation.

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Annoying Office Catch-phrases: Volume I

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Certain words and phrases enter the workplace and just seem to spread like a virus. The godfather of all annoying office quotes, “Let’s do lunch” started out harmlessly enough in some random Los Angeles talent agency mailroom, but by the time it had run its course, every CEO and maintenance man had uttered it repeatedly.

So with that, let’s all be on the lookout for any of the following overused catch phrases:

“Talk to it…

Usage: “Bob, I can seem to get a handle on this new client” “No problem. We’ll talk to it after lunch”.

“Think outside the box”

An old-school classic that even predates that crazy Internet thing that all the kids have been talking about lately. Frankly, let’s all stay inside the box; it’s warm and cozy in there.

“Come to Jesus” meeting

Why would Jesus attend a sales meeting at a Nebraska box company? Well, according to this annoying catch-phrase, he’s been there and every other conflict-addressing meeting-of-the-minds from Albany to Zanzibar.

Any quote from the movie Office Space

Great movie. Love it to death. The guy who spouts on about “TPS reports” and answers every question with “Um, Yeah”? Not so much.

“Tipping Point”

Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book has become the explanation for anything that creates a business-related event. For example: “Eating lunch at Arby’s was the Tipping Point for Bob’s afternoon in the bathroom”.

“That’s what she said”

People, please leave the catch-phrases to the sitcom stars. Spewing a Michael Scott tribute to every co-worker who gives you an opening is a) ticket to a sexual harassment suit, b) two steps removed from saying “Where’s the Beef” in mixed company, or c) both of the above.

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150 Series SOLID PLASTIC STACK CHAIR $47 in qnty

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Scholar Craft’s 150 Series is the chair of choice for schools nationwide.
The seat and back of the 150 are a solid 3/8″ Melamine Resin.

Seat and back of the 150 are a solid 3/8″ Melamine Resin.

* Nickel-plated steel rivets extend through the chairs frame and its seat and back for superior strength and holding ability.

* 150 Series is manufactured with our proven crossover leg design. In addition to strength, this design creates a compact footprint allowing you to make the most of your floor space.

* Scholar Craft’s gooseneck back design lets you place the chair upside down on a table for easier cleaning.

* The 150 Series is available in contemporary colors to complement a wide range of decorating color schemes.

* Attention to detail and quality construction of Scholar Craft’s 150 Series represents a unique value in a solid plastic chair.

November 11, 2009

ME7ERG Ergohuman Mesh Office Chair / Desk Chair

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List Price: $1,152.00
Our Price: $607.00
You Save $545.00!


Shipping Cost: Free Shipping!!

ME7ERG Ergohuman Mesh Office Chair by Eurotech,
The future is Ergohuman designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind.
Esthetics, form and function allow this series to utilize a synchro tilt mechanism with infinite lock, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment with headrest.
All in one very unique chair… and there is no need to wait, it’s available now!
Black mesh, high back with black aluminum base.
Requires Assembly,
Chair now available in a choice of 77 different fabrics


* Tilt Tension Control
* Tilt Lock
* Back Angle Adjustment
* Synchro-Tilt
* Back Height Adjustment
* Seat Depth Adjustment
* Arm Height Adjustment

* Overall Dimensions
* 26″W x 271/2″D x 40-46 “H
* SEAT 191/2″W x 151/2-173/4″D
* BACK 211/4″W x 21½-231/2″H
* WEIGHT 66 lbs

List Price: $1,152.00
Our Price: $607.00
You Save $545.00!


Marketing Tip of the Day: Referral Programs

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To generate sales in a cost effective, why not try a referral program? You can let your customers do the selling for you!

Here’s how to create an amazing referral program:

Rule #1: Use incentives! Give the client who brings in more business for you something special such as free or discounted sessions. Or think outside the box and give them gift cards to their favorite neighborhood restaurants or movie tickets. (These types of rewards can pay off doubly – they’ll think of your business positively when they get the reward AND when they use it!) When you think about the cost of acquiring a new client, these types of perks are a bargain. Remember, when it comes to referral programs, the more you give – the more you get!

Rule #2: Give your referrers a good script to work from. Make it easy for the referrer to spread the word about your business. Come up with a quick pitch – an elevator speech – that really sells the benefits of your business. Next, make sure this phrase is EVERYWHERE – in your emails, on your flyers, coupons, and signs so that every existing customer will know it like the back of their hand. The more your clients know how to sell your business – the better they will be at bringing in new people.

Rule #3: Promote the program like crazy! Get the word out everywhere about your referral program. Think outside the box, adding it to all your various outgoing media and telling everyone who will listen about the benefits of the program. Develop a web page that lets the client enter their friend’s email addresses — then, with the click of the mouse send out a pre-formed message promoting your business.

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The Best Novel About Office Life Ever Written

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Joshua Ferris’ 2007 novel Then We Came to the End is required reading for anyone who has ever worked in an office and found themselves caught up in the day-to-day antics of that crazy family you call your co-workers.

Set at a Chicago advertising agency at the tail end of the bubble, Then We Came to the End tells the story of lay-offs, practical jokes and the general coping mechanisms we all employ to get through our day. The novel (a tremendous first effort by writer Ferris) perfectly nails the gossip, rumors and deadlines of the modern office.

Ferris knows the territory he’s covering here – he himself was a advertising copywriter who experienced all the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of that turn of the century moment when the Internet bubble burst.

The book is laugh-out-funny, and is so well-written that it appeared on hundreds of “Best Books of 2007” lists around the country.

If you’re in a cubicle as you read this blog post, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Then We Came to the End.

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November 5, 2009

Five Stretching Exercises To Help Keep You Sharp While You’re At Your Desk

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Chances are, you don’t have time to hit the gym in the middle of the workday, but never fear – here are some simple stretching exercises that you can do at your desk. These mini-workouts will give you extra energy, help you avoid stiffness and cramping throughout the day, and provide a peaceful balance that maintains good health!

Shoulder roll. Sit up as straight as you can, then rolls your shoulders backwards and hold the position. Now, reach behind your lower back with both hands and lock your fingers together – stretching out your chest muscles. Next, roll your shoulders forward and stick your arms out at shoulder level. Lock your fingers together with the palms facing out. Great for the upper back!

Neck stretch. Slowly move the right part of your chin towards the right side of your collar bone and hold. Repeat with the left side of the chin and the left portion of the collar bone. Repeat both sides several times. This loosens your neck muscles.

Stretch your hamstrings. Make sure that your lower back is supported, then sit back in your chair. Cup your hands under your right knee area and slowly lift your leg up towards your chest (with the knee remaining bent). Repeat with the other leg.

Shoulder shrugs. Lift your shoulders up towards your head as if shrugging them. Hold them there for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat for 3-4 minutes.

Finger stretches. Make a tight fist and hold it for 2-3 seconds. Then, open your fingers and stretch out all your digits. This exercise works to relax the hand and finger joints.

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Five Must-haves for Every Workspace

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There are some office accessories that transcend all industries and work environments. Whether you’re on your own or in a Fortune 500 company, occupying the corner office or the smallest cube in the building, here are five things no working person should be without.

1. A great chair. An adjustable chair that’s built for comfort and good health is an office essential. Great chairs are the ones you actually look forward to sitting in each day, and always leave your back pain-free. If you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair at work, stand up RIGHT NOW and get yourself the seating arrangement you deserve.

2. An In/out box system. Some people think that the old-fashioned in-box/out-box method of organization is dusty and out-of-date. Well, those people are late for meetings and behind on their projects. For efficiency at its most elegant (and low-tech), get two trays and place them on the corner of your desk. Then, just let nature take its course and you’ll get a visual representation every day of what you’ve accomplished, and what’s left to do!

3. , Highly underrated in the world of workspace health, the foot rest is nevertheless one of the best ways to stay comfortable on the job and keep your back and joints from going south. You can even get them with extra padding for more comfort when you kick off your shoes and settle in for some serious PowerPoint work.

4. A whiteboard – You never know when the next great idea is going to hit, so having a whiteboard and some colored markers (scented, of course) handy is the key to helping your next million dollar concept come to life!

5. Wildlife Whether it’s a fern, a cactus or a Venus flytrap, every workspace should have something living in it besides you. Plants improve the air and help you relax and focus on the tasks at hand.

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10 Feng Shui tips to insure peace and productivity in your office

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The art and science of Feng Shui have been adhered to for centuries in the homes of well-balanced, spiritually-sound individuals from all over the world. But applying the principals of Feng Shui need not be limited to the home-front. Smart businesses everywhere have begun to utilize the principals of Feng Shui to help enhance productivity, improve worker health, and build additional prosperity.

Here are some simple Feng Shui tips for the office to get you started!

Your desk should be facing the door to your office. Never work with your back to the entranceway to the building, your office or your cube.

2. Use colorful artwork or large mirrors to “interrupt” wide spaces on plain walls. Learn the Bagua (the sectional breakdown of a space according to the Eastern principals of life and posterity) and arrange your office space accordingly

Remove clutter wherever possible. In Feng Shui terms, clutter produces negative Chi (or energy).

Choose a desk with rounded curves. The smooth curves that surround the desk enhance the spirit of creativity.

Pick prosperous colors. Reds, blues and purples are all thought to increase prosperity and happiness (and they look cool too!)

Add plants to your office space. This will enhance your connection with the natural world, even as you stay inside amongst the business world all day.

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How to brew the perfect pot of coffee for your office

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Want to know the secret to being the big cheese in your office? It’s not beating fourth-quarter sales projections, or nailing that presentation in Albuquerque…it’s the ability to craft the perfect pot of coffee for you and your coworkers!

Here are some sure-fire tips for becoming the ideal office barista:

1. Clean your materials. You wouldn’t go into surgery without properly sterilizing your tools, and you should never make coffee without cleaning your coffee maker. Scrub everything from the pot to the machine itself until they shine.

2. Don’t use tap water. Distilled or purified water make the best coffee…so don’t settle for the faucet.

3. Use cold water. The colder the water you use, the more flavorful the coffee will be.

4. Know the perfect measurements. No matter what brand or strength of coffee you are using, always use 2 level tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounce cup of water you add.

5. Keep your coffee grounds fresh. Coffee exposed to the air loses its flavor fast. Keep your coffee grounds or beans in an air-tight container near the coffee machine.

6. Grind your own beans. Granted, not everyone has time for this, but if you can, buy whole bean coffee and then grind the desired amount right before you brew up a batch.

7. Accept praise graciously. You’re going to have a lot of fans after you start whipping up near-perfect pots of java every day. Remember, you put your pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

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Tips for better office lighting

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Productivity and employee health are greatly influenced by the office lighting. Well-designed, well thought-out lighting makes everyone work more efficiently and feel better, while poor lighting design can be unpleasant and unhealthy for everyone concerned.

Here are some sure-fire tips for creating the perfect lighting scheme in your office:

Where you use a computer, utilize desk lamps instead of overhead lighting wherever possible. Top-down lighting represent an example of over-lighting and only adds to glare (which causes headache and eye strain).

Use indirect lighting throughout the office. Indirect lighting has been shown to improve working conditions for employees significantly. With indirect lighting you achieve better balance by sending a portion of the light down towards the workspace and some upward towards the ceiling. To achieve this effect, use a central ceiling-based light fixture.

Make sure there is no direct sunlight coming in on computer monitors. This causes significant glare which is another source of eye strain.

Keep light levels higher in cold winter months. Low levels of light during the winter months has been shown to cause Seasonal Depression Syndrome.

Remember, better light means happier, healthier employees!

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Tips on getting your well deserved raise

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If you’ve been on the job for a while, and you’re good at what you do, chances are that you are starting to feel like you deserve more money from your employer. Seems like a no-brainer, right? You rock, so give up the dough! But in reality, the manner in which you ask for your raise can make the difference between whether or not your request is granted.

Here are some simple tips for nailing that raise request!

1. Do your homework.

Before you charge in the boss’ door, understanding what you’re worth on the “open market” is essential. Check out national salary surveys or research job postings related to your position in order to find out what other companies are paying. If you’re making less than others in your field (and in your city) you have a more valid case for a raise.

2. Do an amazing job.

Walking in and asking for a raise is a lot easier if you have the kick-butt performance to back it up. Make sure you have put together a nice long string of great work, and use that performance record to bolster your case for a performance-based salary increase.

3. Understand the current business climate.

Asking for a raise at a time when the company is downsizing or struggling to make a profit is not a good idea. Timing plays a big role in whether or not your raise request will be granted, so get a solid read on the corporate climate at your workplace and act (or don’t act) accordingly.

4. Assert yourself.

Don’t go soft when you ask for a raise. Show confidence in your abilities without being cocky or demanding. Build a clear, powerful case for your request and don’t come off as if you were begging for more money. Never cite personal problems or unexpected life events as a reason why you are requesting a salary increase.

5. Run through what you’re going to say.

There’s no rule that states you can’t do a “dress rehearsal” before you go in and ask for a raise. Running your “lines” a little bit helps you be more prepared when you pop the big question.

6. Be gracious.

When you are approved for your raise, keep the information to yourself. Never gloat about it in front of your co-workers. This breeds resentment in the workplace, and puts your boss in an awkward position.

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Five simple ways to reduce stress in the workplace

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Reducing stress at the office will help you be healthier and much more productive. Here are some simple tips for making the workplace more enriching and less stressful.

Move around during the day.
Sitting for long periods of time in front of the PC can give you headaches and cause stiffness. Find the time for a couple of short walks outside throughout the course of the day. Nothing too crazy – just 10 minutes each will do the job.

Don’t each lunch at your desk.
Break up your day and get out of the cube. Grab that sandwich you made at home and enjoy some natural light – no matter what the weather is like outside.

Clean up your workspace.
A messy desk drains your motivation. Getting organized makes you feel like you can take on the world! Create Inboxes and Outboxes and do everything you can to streamline the area.

Eat healthier snacks.
Stop the endless trips to the vending machine throughout the day. Trust us, there’s nothing good for you in there! Bring fruits and veggies from home, and always keep them within arm’s reach so they’re there when you get the urge to snack.

Head home.
Your health at the office depends on how well you can strike a balance between work and family. Really, is there anything that can’t wait until morning? And besides, at the end of the day, you’re tired and not operating all cylinders. Go home and get some much needed rejuvenation from the ones you love.

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The Design Don’ts of Cube Decor

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Everybody loves self-expression, but when it comes to your cubicle’s décor, there need to be some limits people! Here’s a quick rundown of some cube decorating no-no’s that span industries and job types universally.

· Action figures

Yes, Boba Fett is cool, and yes we know he would fetch $1,400 on eBay, but no, we do not want to see him, laser in hand, freezing Han Solo on our way to the copier every day.

· Cat posters

Hang in there baby, Friday’s coming. Nuff said.

· Candles or other scented materials

Just an FYI: We don’t all like the scent of that Cinnamon Apple votive that was 50% off at Yankee Candle Company. Plus, we’re pretty sure it’s a fire hazard.

· Fraternity/Sorority memorabilia

You’re so glad you still keep in touch with your brothers at the Gamma house, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to hang your pledge paddle in the workplace.

· The squares sheet from last year’s Super Bowl office pool

We were all impressed when the Giants went for two and missed, thus delivering your 40% share of the Super Bowl pool, but that was 17 months ago! Stop gloating.

· Excessive amounts of your children’s artwork

One or two pieces of your Picasso-to-be’s masterpieces in Crayola are cool, but too many childrens crafts variations on the house-with-smiley-sun overhead is a little tough to take.

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Great moments in office furniture history: The Aeron Chair

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Great moments in office furniture history: The Aeron Chair

Designed in 1994 for arch design house Herman Miller, the Aeron Chair quickly became known as the Lexus of office chairs among those in the industry. Every hip company needed to have one, which led to a strange association between the chair and the dot-com boom of the late 1990’s. Orders for the ergonomic Aeron poured in, as start-ups that were flush with VC cash order them by the truck load full. Then, when the bubble burst on a nation of online grocers and pet chew-toy sellers, the chairs were sold en masse at public auction, and not ironically, on eBay where individuals gobbled them up at a price greatly reduced from their original high cost.

Although we have moved on to a more stable Web 2.0 world, the chair remains one of the most comfortable and well-designed office products of the past several decades. It is adjustable in myriad ways and designed to seat almost anyone comfortably in a variety of office settings.

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The greatest movies and TV shows about office life

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The greatest movies and TV shows about office life


When Hollywood isn’t busy telling tales of pirates and alien invasions, it will occasionally focus its attention on the most universal of settings, the workplace. Here are some of the best:

  1. The Office (UK edition). Considerably darker than the NBC version of the show. Ricky Gervais and company add that air of desperation to every moment that really gives the series additional weight.
  2. The Office (US edition). Anchored by the amazing Steve Carrell, this show is wackier and more upbeat than its British counterpart, but manages to sneak in just enough believability to see our own lives tucked away in the storylines.
  3. Office Space. This cult classic is story of a man who rebels against his cube, and everything it represents. Just because you sit next to a guy who quotes the film daily doesn’t make it any less hilarious. Fact: Office Space made almost no money at the box office, and didn’t see any serious returns until it became a home video sensation.
  4. Secretary. Talk about dark comedy, Secretary is sexy, scary and hilarious all in one bizarre package. James Spader only knows how to play one role (James Spader) but he executes it flawlessly here.
  5. 9 to 5. Put this early 80’s classic in your Netflix queue. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Over the top slapstick drives the film, but discontent with the glass ceiling makes is very real.
  6. Working Girl. Another classic tale of women in the workplace, and the special challenges they face. Other than Lt. Ripley in Aliens, it’s hard to imagine a more signature role from Sigourney Weaver. Heck, it’s even got Han Solo in there to boot!
  7. Clockwatchers. This litte-seen cult classic features Friends’ Lisa Kudrow and tells the tale of four temps grinding away at huge corporation. Very funny, and very real.
  8. Swimming with Sharks. A sordid little tale about life on the bottom rung of Hollywood’s golden ladder. Watch Frank Whaley go from optimistic young go-getter, to angry, fed-up hostage-taker right before your eyes.

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Office Furniture Tips – For A Better Cube

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Just because you spend over 40 hours per week in your cube doesn’t mean you have to live like a rat in a cage. Here are some sure-fire tips for improving the look and feel of your own little 25 square foot corner of the office that will help make you a healthier person to boot.

Tips for a better cube

  1. Start with a great chair. Be sure and get an adjustable chair with good lower back support. Long-term positioning in a poorly designed chair can lead to a lifetime of back problems.
  2. Go green. If you get proper sunlight in your cube, add a plant or two. It will make the space a healthier, more pleasant place to spend your day.
  3. Get with the ergonomic flow. Ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets are now relatively inexpensive and help you avoid carper-tunnel syndrome and other medical conditions that stem from long-term PC usage.
  4. Make the space your own. Tasteful additions of artwork and photos make your cube a more enjoyable place to be. And the more “at home” your cube looks, the more your co-workers will begin to feel comfortable in the space as well.
  5. Keep it clean. Excessive clutter keeps you from being productive, and is just no fun to be around. At the end of every day, clean up your cube thoroughly so that it looks sharp when you arrive the next morning.
  6. Consider good feng shui. If possible, position your cube so that you are facing the entrance to the office (as opposed to a wall). According to the rules of feng shui, this places you in a more powerful position with additional positive energy.
  7. Let the music play. Low levels of soothing, inspirational music add a pleasant soundtrack to your day. Bring in a portable radio or attach small speakers to your PC. Just remember to ask your co-workers if the volume and music type is acceptable to them.

For the finest office furniture, from cube to corner office, visit Call us at 1866-964-8457, or contact us via e-mail @

10 Ridiculously Easy Tips for a Greener Office

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Historically, the workplace has been an energy guzzler. We leave things plugged in, the lights are always on, the air conditioner rolls 24/7 at full blast, etc. But things are starting to change around the office. We’re all becoming more concerned about the health and well-being of our planet, and that new direction is starting to show itself in our cubes and hallways at work.

Here are 10 quick tips to help make your office greener today!

  1. Reuse toner cartridges – They’re cheaper and you’re not wasting all that plastic. This one is a no-brainer!
  2. Buy recycled paper– The price is competitive, and the effect your purchase will have on landfill reduction is going to be significant.
  3. Use compact fluorescent bulbs – They save a ton on energy costs and do not need to be replaced as often as standard bulbs.
  4. Go easy on the thermostat – High air conditioning and heating settings burns energy like there’s no tomorrow. Shifting the temperature just a single degree can save 10-15% on annual energy usage!
  5. Add plants around the office – They improve air quality and the quality of life in the office
  6. Recycle your old paper – Don’t just throw away drafts of old documents. Flip them over and print on the back!
  7. Set up car pools – Build office unity and cut down on fuel consumption at the same time.
  8. Go green when you outsource – Use courier services that drive hybrid cars, or buy supplies from companies dedicated to sustainable energy sources. Use your budget to show your commitment.
  9. Recycle in the kitchen – Get some colored bins and start recycling glass, plastic and aluminum around the lunchroom and break room
  10. Set computers to power down automatically – Every major PC has a power-down setting that allows for automatic shut-off after 15-20 or minutes.

These are things you can start doing this week! And when you’re ready for the finest office furniture to compliment your green workspace, visit Call us at 1866-964-8457

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@ Ace Office Systems – WeThink About the Environment

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We have a wide variety of products that are clever ways to preserve our environment.
Perfect for one that thinks about the environment as well as product quality. If you chose to Go Green or have done so already.

Plus you get to save your self a whole lot with our Amazingly low prices and great promotions going on Right Now!

Not many specialists in office furniture commit to applying Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), Materials Chemistry and Recycle/Reuse strategies to the design of all their products. So
for those of you who are very considerate to the environments preservation we can aid you in finding the office furniture you need and which are made in a fashion that you agree with.
Their environmental transparency is what made us consider in steel and metal products and convinced us that they are truly eco-friendly, and, not that pricey, well-priced and a good long-term investment.

So if you choose to go green or have decided that a long time ago – please check out our wide variety of eco-friendly products by Clicking Here!

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The Great Demand in Office Furniture

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Examining the American Demand for Office Furniture

DUBLIN, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of “American Demand for Office Furniture” to their offering.


This reference work provides an in-depth analysis of the American office furniture market. We distinguish between numerous product categories, including wooden furniture, metal furniture, chairs, ergonomic products, furniture systems, space dividers, and more. Corporate clients are segregated and analyzed according to geographic location, their industry affiliation and size, as well as the occupation, sex and age of the end-users. The study deals with new trends and the changing environment in modern offices. Forecasts are provided to 2010. A full index is provided for easy referencing.

The office furniture industry performed very well throughout the 1990s as the domestic economy has shifted from being manufacturing driven to one where services play an increasingly important role.

However, the new millennium has been less fortunate for office furniture manufacturers. Between 2000 and 2003, office furniture shipments in the United States fell by more than one-third. This was the largest decrease in shipments for over 20 years. The market has since recovered a bit reaching a value of $11,420 million in 2007.

Office employment growth climbed by 1.2% in 2007. This year may see an even smaller increase of only 1.0%. However, we anticipate a modest acceleration to 1.7% next year and 1.9% in 2010.

Office furniture purchases advanced by 5.5% in 2007. Sales are expected to accelerate to 6.8% this year. This is surprising in light of the dire economic circumstances in the USA and can only be explained by pre-committed orders to fill newly constructed office space that will reach completion this year. The “moment of truth” will come in 2009 and 2010. Growth for office furniture shipments for the next two years will be in the 2.2 to 2.7% range. If our predictions are correct, the market value will reach $ 12.8 billion in 2010. This is still 3.6% lower than the previous peak of $13.3 billion reached in 2000.

Wood office furniture accounted for $3,106 million or 27.2% in 2007. During the past ten years it fluctuated between 21.9% and 27.2%. Given the more expensive nature of wooden furniture it generally gains market share when corporate earnings are strong rather than during periods of fiscal constraint.

“Systems” represents the largest market segment with a share of almost 1/3. Surprisingly, over the period 1997 to 2007 this segment declined by 14.6%. Filing cabinets also fell as technology continues to reduce the demand for paper storage The fastest growing segment was storage furniture, which increased 37.3% over the last 10 years. Seating, desks and tables, also outpaced the overall office furniture industry.

California is by far the largest furniture market in the USA. As of 2007, this state accounted for $1,359 million, followed by Texas, New York, and Florida. These four states account for $3,612 million — or almost one-third — of the US market.
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This Mother’s Day – Get your Mom the Home Office she always dreamed of……..

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Here at Ace Office Furniture we have the biggest selection of high end home office furniture to make this mothers day a mothers day to remember!

Buy Cheap Office Furniture

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Gone are the days when offices were storehouses of wooden blocks and space consuming giant furniture. Contemporary office settings are organized and much less confusing with cosmopolitan modern office furniture. Commercial office furniture makes the work places more spacious and well decorated; making the ambiance pleasing and work more enjoyable.

We at Ace Office Furniture offer you a complete range of modern office furniture including executive office furniture (Executive Office Furniture), commercial office furniture, reception area furniture (Reception Area Furniture), material handling devices, office file cabinets, drafting tables, stackable office chairs, security and fire safes, desk accessories for office and much more at most reasonable prices in the market.

Discounted Day Care Furniture, Preschool Furniture, School Furniture & Much More

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To adorn and organize a classroom, classroom furniture is must. The type of classroom furniture chosen will depend largely on the age and grade level of the students. For example, daycare furniture or preschool furniture is required for early childhood students and student desks, study carrel, bookshelves, etc are needed for older students.
Ace Office Furniture offers a wide selection of school furniture you need to outfit your entire school. Choose from our exclusive range of children’s desks, children’s activity table, nursery furniture sets, daycare furniture, preschool classroom furniture , preschool educational toys, student computer desks, school library furniture and much more to adorn the classrooms.

Affordable Home Office Computer Furniture , Computer Workstations & A Lot More Here

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Computer workstation is a versatile piece that nests in the computer base and also provides sufficient storage and work space.

We offer a full line of home computer furniture, computer lab furniture, computer work stations, computer armoire, home office computer furniture, computer cabinets and stands and computer monitor stands.

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Contemporary Office Furniture @ AceOfficeSystems

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Are you a business owner or are you in charge of purchasing supplies for your company? If so, there is a good chance that the supplies you need to purchase will include office furniture.

Where do you currently purchase your office furniture from? If you are like many other business owners, there is a good chance that you may make your purchases from a large, nationally known office supply store chain. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing so, but you may want to rethink your decision. After all, there are a number of benefits to purchasing your office furniture from Ace Office Systems Furniture; the online Office Furniture Superstore catering to all your Home and Bussiness Office needs.

When it comes to purchasing office furniture, a large number of individuals search for contemporary office furniture. Contemporary is another word that is used describe modern. In this case, you may be searching for new, updated, and modern office furniture. Despite what you may believe or assume, a large number of small office furniture supply stores do carry contemporary office furniture. In fact, the selection of contemporary office furniture you have to choose from may even be more than you could have ever imagined.

As it was stated above, there are a number of benefits to purchasing your supplies from an office furniture supply store that is often considered a small business. One of those benefits is quality. Small business owners are often noted as giving their business and the products or services that they sell more attention, when compared to larger businesses or corporations. For you, this means that you are almost always guaranteed a quality product. Whether you are looking for an office desk or leather office chair, the piece of furniture in question was likely recommended by the very friendly customer service rep of the online office furniture supply store.

In addition to quality products, there are a number of other benefits to purchasing your contemporary office furniture from a business that is often referred to as an online business. Another one of those benefits is service. Although most large businesses or corporations do have a customer service department, that customer service department is often made up of a large group of individuals; individuals who may be unfamiliar with the products or services that are being sold. When it comes to a small business, this same problem is often non-existent. With small businesses, you will find that they employee less individuals than most nationally run companies. This means that, when contacting a small office furniture supply store, there is a good chance that you may end up speaking with the same employee on multiple occasions. This may help to ease your fears of doing business with a new company and it also helps you to develop a business relationship with the company or employee in question.

In conjunction with the above mentioned service, you are also likely to receive more assistance when purchasing your contemporary office furniture from a small office furniture supply store. This assistance not only includes taking or verifying your order, but it may also include helping you choose the perfect pieces of contemporary office furniture for your office and your needs. For instance, do you or any of your employees have back problems? If so and you are looking to purchase a leather office chair, you may be wondering what type of leather office chair could help to combat your back problem or the other medical problems of your employees. Small business owners and employees are more likely to extend their assistance or professional advice than larger, national office furniture supply stores.

When it comes to purchasing contemporary office furniture for your office, the decision as to where you want to purchase your office furniture from is yours to make. However, as it was mentioned above, there are a number of benefits to doing business with a small business. If you are a small business owner, yourself, you may have a better understanding of these benefits. To purchase contemporary office furniture, such as a nice leather office chair, from a relatively small, but reliable office supply store, you are urged to examine With a large selection of products and a trustworthy staff, you are sure to find all of the office furniture supplies that you need, all in one place.

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Spring Bonzana – DMI Collections – On Sale Now!!

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Spring Bonzana -DMI Collections- On Sale Now!!!

Click on the brands below to view the products that are on sale:
Estes and Park

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